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1. The Town. This is usually the room you “land in” when you log in to Club Penguin. If there is a party, you can always tell what the theme is by looking around you in the Town.

a. The Gift Shop. This room is alays full on catalog day and you have to try hard to get in. It has two catalogs. The clothing catalog and the wigs catalog. If you are member, buy some clothes and make your penguin look cooler than the snow around it!

b. The Night Club. The perfect place to hangout with your friends and dance. It is home to the Green Puffle which looks after the Boiler Room and can be found dancing on the speaker. Climb down one of the speakers to get the Boiler Room. You can play the new game, Dance Contest.

c. The Dance Lounge. A place to get away from the noise of the Night Club. This rooms has the games Astro Barrier and Thin Ice. Click the arcade machines to play them.

d. The Coffee Shop. My favourite room. You can drink coffee and chat with your friends. When Club Penguin has a birthday party, this room will have a big cake in it! This room has the game Bean Counters. Play it behind the counter.

e. The Book Room. Here, you can relax on a sofa and read a book from the library. Pick up the friendship bracelet from the last page of Rockhopper and the Stowaway. You can also read the PBL (Paint By Letters) books.

2. The Plaza. This room is great place to meet. Go down the manhole to enter the Underground rooms. A good place to walk your puffles.

a. The Pet Shop. This is where you can buy pet puffles and puffle toys for your igloo. Non-members can buy red and blue. Members can get pink, purple, black and green. This room has the game Puffle Round Up. Click the Employees door to play it.

b. The Pizza Parlor. Hmmm…pizza! Sit a table and order a pizza, listen to the piano playing or make a pizza. This room has the game Pizzatron 3000. Play it in the Kitchen.

c. The Stage. This room has a new play each month. You can read the script and act it out with your friends. Be the part by wearing a costume from the costume trunk. Is there really a yellow puffle hiding in the balconies?

3. The Beach. Don’t you love the sea air? You can sit in a deck chair and make sandcastles. Maybe a message in a bottle will wash up here?

a. The Lighthouse. This room stores boats, rope and nets. If Captain Rockhopper brings some cargo, he may store it in here. You and your band can also practise on the musical stage.

b. The Beacon. Look out the telescope and you might see the Migrator on its way. This room has the game Jet Pack Adventure. Click the Jet Pack to play it.

4. The Dock. Many famous penguins congregate at the Dock. It is a wide open space. At the Dock, you can play the game Hydro-Hopper. Click the boat to play it.

5. The Ski Village. Penguins need warm clothes and food after tireing sled races, so when you have finished a race, just go to the Ski Village and have a rest. If your a Tour Guide, read the manual at the TOURS stool.

a. The Ski Lodge. Need some warmth after a sled race? Then you’re in the right place. Curl up on a sofa and have some fish. You can play Ice Fishing here. Click the Gone Fisihing door to play it.

b. The Lodge Attic. This room once stored snow left over from the Christmas season. Play a game of Find Four and see if you can beat your oponent. Good luck!

c. The Sport Shop. Whether you’re a surfer, a cheerleader or an ice hockey player, you can buy cool sports clothes here. If you’re a Secret Agent, go through the changing room nearest the door to enter the Agent HQ.

d. The Agent HQ. A great room. Click the monitors to teleport to rooms. Brush up on your code cracking skills by reading the FISH and play secret missions in the Top Secret folder.

e. The E.P.F. HQ. If you get the game, Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force, for the Nintendo DS, you get a code, and you can unlock this special room.

6. The Snow Forts. The perfect place to have a snowball fight. It also contians the Clock Tower, which has Penguin Standard Time. The clock was made by Gary the Gadget Guy.

7. The Ice Rink. This is quite a boring room. But it can still be fun. Put on your hockey shirts and get a hockey stick and challange another team. Go blue and red!

8. The Mine Shack. This is a secret room. You end up here after completing Cart Surfer. It is the enterance to the Underground network of rooms.

a. The Mine. Jump on a cart and play the game Cart Surfer. How many coins can you get? I get about 380 coins. In my opinion, this game is the best!

b. The Cave. This room has a pool in it. A michevious crab once put a whole in the windows and we all thought the water from under the island would come through. But some clever penguins turned it into a water party!

c. The Boiler Room. Missed last week’s newspaper? Open the draw in the cabinet and read it here. The drawer holds each newspaper for two months.

9. The Mountain. Want to race your buddies and see who is the best? Then jump on a sled track and have a race. Slide over the ice patches to get a speed boost!

10. The Dojo Courtyard. This is a ‘new’ room. It was hidden away in the mountains, but Sansei made the Dojo viewable on the map.

a. The Dojo. Here, you can play Card-Jitzu and become a black-belt, then face Sansei to become a ninja.

b. The Ninja Hideout. After you beat Sansei, he will give you a ninja mask, and you can get in this ‘secret room’. You can buy stuff for your penguin and your igloo in the catalog.

11. The Iceberg. This is also a secret room. Many say that the Iceberg will tip if 100 penguins are dancing on it at a certain point. Maybe it could really happen?

12. The Cove. This is like the Beach but it has water you can paddle in. You can also look through the binoculars and act as a lifeguard. This room has the game Catchin’ Waves. Click the surf hut to play it.

13. The Forest. This room is a great place to go hiking or camping with your friends. Cross the big wooden bridge to get to the Cove.

14. The Pirate Ship. This is Capatin Rockhopper’s ship, the Migrator. Read about the captain’s adventures in his journal which is on his desk. His puffle, Yarr, is at the top of the mask.

a. The Ship Hold. This is where Rockhopper sells his rare items. There is a door that goes to the Captain Rockhopper’s quarters.

b. The Crow’s Nest. This room is the very top of the Migrator, where you can fire snowballs from a canon and look out at the sky.

c. The Captain’s Quarters. This is where Rockhopper spends his time while at sea. This is were he writes about his adventures and where Yarr sleeps. This room contains the minigame, Treasure Hunt.

15. Members’ Igloo. Click the igloo to see the list of all the members’ igloos that are currently open in teh server you are in.



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