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Sorry… February 21, 2009

Posted by [ 1PiNKiE7♥ ] in Club Penguin, RaNdOm..

Hey guys, it’s 1pinkie7. I know, I know I haven’t posted a lot. It’s because of school….. And CP is getting really boring. That’s why I quit my membership. I will only become a member until March 5th, I believe. I’ll try to buy those one month membership card and stuff. Anyways, there’s a possibility that I might quit wordpress. For good. It’s just that everything [ Club Penguin & WordPress ] is getting TOO boring. But, I’m still not sure if I’m going to quit or not.


Thanks to Mr P & Chido for posting! 😉 You guys are awesome!


Well, TTYL.





1. Quiiquee - February 21, 2009

Oh No! 😥 😦

2. Chido - September 10, 2009


3. scamperpooo - September 27, 2009

Hey!! no dont quit ur a good person you have a good site dont give up!! ~Scamperpooo~

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