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Halloween Costumes! November 1, 2008

Posted by [ 1PiNKiE7♥ ] in RaNdOm..

Patricia Here!

So, Halloween just ended. 😦

What did you do for Halloween and what was your costume?

My story:

So, I went with 6 other friends and while we walked in the neighborhood, we met some more of our classmates. We walked from 6:00 – 8:30 P.M. We were completely LOST once, but we just kept on going. We walked for 50,000 miles… 😀 I couldn’t even carry my bag anymore because there was too much candy. After, we walked to a grocery store to buy some food/drinks because we were super hungry/thirsty. I got a corndog! Haha.

Share us your story if you’d like! 😀




1. 003jp - November 2, 2008



im back in buisness!!!!!!!

2. Patriciaaa♥ - November 2, 2008



I can’t believe your back in business!

3. dogsrcuties - November 2, 2008

hi i just wanted to let u know thati have a blog and i would like for u too check it out cuz i want to be on your blogroll my blog is http://www.clubpenguin-tipssecrets.blogspot.com

4. Kimmy - November 3, 2008

hi patricia
its me kimmy
i heard u moved here
thts really awesome

this is my halloween story-
i didnt dress up dis yr. i jus tput on a mask tht had blood everywhere. anywho, me and my 3 other friends just went to our neighboorhood and trick or treat. it was really awesome and fun. we went from 7 pm to 8 pm. only 1 hr 😦 oh well, i had fun!!!!!!!!!! I MISS HALLOWEEN VERYVERY VERY MUCH!

love kimmy

5. Patriciaaa♥ - November 3, 2008

Cool, thank-you! 🙂

That sounds very fun! 🙂 I was a vampire this year with my best friend. Haha. I had like 200+ candies this year. Whoo hoo! 😛

I hope you keep visiting here!

6. eggsub - November 4, 2008

waddap pinkie! its eggsub howya doin? so i see yur updatin again… sweet! have fun! btw i basically quit cp too. i play planet cazmo now. visit my site, it tells you about it. k cya!

7. gyra - November 9, 2008

Nothin happened with me!

8. Patriciaaa♥ - November 10, 2008

Ohh, that stinks!
Did you just stay home?

9. DenzelWKar - November 2, 2009

Hello there, HAPPY HALLOWEN!

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